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Hi Jonathan, I thought the Gears session was great, eye opening for me. I’ve struggled for years with the steepening move in the transition and now I know why! love the force plates as well, it just makes the swing so much easy to repeat when you have confirmation of how you are moving your pressure through them

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I booked a lesson with Jonathan even though it was a a two hour and 30 mins drive because I really wanted an in depth look at my swing on the Gears system. The Gears system even though looks like a lot of numbers is so important for golfers of all abilities to see where they can improve from a tour pro to a 28 HC. The lesson was great, the teaching was superb and the information and swing tips I took away gave me a lot of confidence. We also used the dual force plates which help show you where the pressure is in with your swing.

I really recommend a visit to Drayton park to use this unique data and also to have a lesson with Jonathan and his team.



Jonathan is a great teacher. The lessons are fun but they teach me lots of technical stuff about swings, clubs and biomechanics. I find all of it really interesting and I understand a lot more about all the different shots in Golf, how to use my body to get the best shot and how to play better.

Jon has supported me since he said I was welcome aged 4 and has helped me with all my struggles over the years but this last year he has also taught me loads of interesting and new things about Golf.

I am so glad he is teaching me and since he started as my Coach last year, I have picked up 7 trophies at different tournaments around the UK.

I have 4 1st place trophies, 2 runner up trophies and a 3rd place trophy and the season isn’t even finished yet! I am so glad Jon started teaching me and I hope he will carry on for plenty more years.  

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