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The Toptracer Range system offers games and shot data modes that allow you to tailor your own range day experience. You can also store your scores and data on the Toptracer network, accessed through the Toptracer Range Community app.

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The results are in – the 9-shot challenge was equally addictive and challenging but now you will be able to practice those same approach shots varying from 70-150 yards anytime you want. You will see the new game mode listed at the bottom of the menu.

3 Courses to choose from - Ullna, Pebble Beach and Kiawah.


1. Hit your best approach shot on 9 different virtual golf holes.
2. Toptracer will record each shot's distance from the pin.
3. Your final score will be determined by the sum of your distances across all 9 holes and will be logged on the global leaderboard.
4. Play as many times as you want!

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