The Q-Star is now in its third generation and you can tell. This ball is simply stunning from tee to green. Although it's their softest golf ball yet, it offers tour levels of performance creating huge distance, it spins and stops with 'one-hop stop' control into to the greens.

Srixon Q STAR TOUR Golf Ball

  • If you are looking for a golf ball that going to be long off the tee but stops with precision into the greens, then this could well be the best ball you've bought. The two main technologies of this ball are FastLayer Core and SpinSkin with SeRM. SpinSkin allows the new urethane coating to react with the grooves of your irons and wedges in such a way that increased friction is generated and in tour gives you maximum spin. The distance you'll notice from these golf balls is mainly down to the new FastLayer Core which gives a lovely soft feel but yet spectacular distance thanks to the gradual transition from the soft inner core to the firmer outer edge.